The first ("It's my room!". Issue No. 21) joint project "Lubidom" and TV channel "Disney" children's room presents furniture with unique design in celadon. Functional table-transformer is indispensable for students, and a cozy sofa bed with canopy gives the room a romantic look. Monotone interior colors and furniture are perfectly matched accessories - all this is an example of a successful nursery design for rest and study.

"Lubidom" and the Disney channel continue cooperation in the framework of the program "This is my room!". This time the nursery for two boys scored according to their wishes in the style of "LEGO". Convertible furniture according to an individual project was manufactured in our factory and provided for transmission. Bright, unusual and functional furniture from "Lubidom" has become a real holiday for children and parents. (Issue No. 25, Children's "LEGO") on channel "Disney".

"Lubidom" also started cooperation with the First channel of the Federal TV and radio broadcasting, we became partners-sponsors of the program and invited for filming "a Perfect repair" kitchen furniture on individual design development for the actress Tatiana Lyutaeva, the date of the broadcast program on the First channel - 4 Jun 2016