Environmental and Certification

All our products are certified.

We manufacture our furniture using high-tech equipment of high quality, functional, environmentally friendly materials. As kids furniture producer quality and safety of our items are in our focus from design, through production to delivery.

Our Suppliers of wood panels are well-known global manufacturers “EGGER”, “Kronostar”, “Kronospan” and others. Hardware and components meet international standards of quality and safety.

As a manufacture we every day monitor technology at every stage of production that our products meet quality standards and expectations of consumer. We taking part in consideration not only safety of our products, but resource conservation and environmental responsibility.

Russia is the only country in the world, where in 2014 the technical regulations "On safety of furniture products" was adopted. Our regulations, especially environmental security is now stricter than in Europe, USA and Japan.

We think about nature and the future.

At “Almaz” we are proud that work without waste. Today all waste are utilized to generate heat and electricity for the needs of the enterprise.